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Wage And Hour Law

Wage and Hour law is not for the faint of heart! At Hurwitz Law PLLC we have the unique perspective of both defending large companies from alleged violations and prosecuting wage complaints for so many of our clients. When we talk about Wage and Hour law, we are looking at violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the state law equivalents that exist in all 50 states. These violations are usually technical in nature and require attorneys to be fully knowledgeable and experienced with such cases. Hurwitz Law PLLC has prosecuted the following wage and hour violations:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Independent contractor misclassification
  • Unlawful lunch docking
  • Miscalculated overtime
  • Exempt status compliance
  • Paying less than minimum wage
  • Tip credit issues
  • Commission pay infractions
  • Off the clock pay
  • On-call pay violations
  • Unpaid meal breaks
  • Keeping inaccurate pay records
  • Unlawful deductions from employee pay without notification
  • Tipping back of house employees
  • Failure to pay expenses

Most times are clients do not even know that the employer has done something unlawful. We discover violations by taking a unique approach and discussing your employment conditions in a holistic manner. If we believe that not only you but your coworkers have been harmed by the employer, we may be able to file a collective action on behalf of you and other employees of the company. Just like a “class action,” a collective action under the FLSA is a lawsuit brought for a group of employees. However, unlike a class action, a collective action requires the consent of putative class members. The good news is that there presentative of a collective action is typically entitled to a bonus for the person’s role in reporting the unlawful behavior. In any wage and hour action, it is incredibly important to bring the matter to our attention as soon as possible. Failure to do so can result in damages disappearing due to the applicable statute of limitations.

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