Helping You Navigate Employment Law

When You Need A Skilled Employment Law Attorney

If you are suffering at work, you may be wishing for someone to help you. It may feel like it’s just you against the world. At Hurwitz Law PLLC, we understand what you’re up against. As attorneys with a Michigan employment law focus, we can help you navigate the complex and, at times, tricky legal issues. We are committed to making things right. We’ll be sensitive to your needs, responsive in our communication and always aggressively advocate for a fair settlement.

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Employees can face many types of unethical, illegal or discriminatory behaviors on the job. We are here to offer empathetic, professional representation that aggressively defends your rights. We’re not afraid to go after every piece of compensation you deserve. Our goal is to attain an outcome that not only sets things right but also leaves you confident and satisfied with the results.

Well-Known And Trusted For Employment Law

The goal of employment law is to ensure that every workplace is safe, fair and nondiscriminatory. Attorney Hurwitz founded the firm to provide the personal, one-on-one responsive service that his clients deserve. We focus 100% on employment law-related issues including injury at work. Attorney Hurwitz and the team have an established reputation for employee advocacy, as our local and national case results can affirm. In fact, attorney Hurwitz filed more employment law matters than any other attorney in Michigan in 2021.

Exceedingly Responsive

Attorney Hurwitz understands the often urgent nature of workplace issues. This is why he opens his calendar to clients on nights and weekends, ensuring that your questions get answered and your problems get solved as quickly as possible. Whenever possible, we seek to intervene on your behalf, defend your rights and, when warranted, seek adequate compensation. Find out what our clients have said about working with us.

Talk To Us About What You’re Dealing With

There are not a lot of things that will give more anxiety than having to face discrimination, workplace bullying or harassment every day. We can help with a great variety of workplace issues including wage and hour matters, overtime, noncompetes, contracts and commissions. We encourage you to call and speak to us confidentially about what’s happening. We’ll let you know right away if you have a case, what your options include and how we can help. Call 844-HURWITZ or connect via website email. Serving the needs of employees throughout the Ann Arbor metro area.