Helping You Navigate Employment Law

When Things Are Unacceptable At Your Place Of Employment

Both national and Michigan state laws are in place to provide protections for workers. At Hurwitz Law PLLC in Ann Arbor, we use these laws to ensure that your employer is not discriminating against, harassing, underpaying or otherwise mistreating you.

We Help All Types Of Workers Protect Their Rights On The Job

We understand that as an employee your rights can be violated, no matter if you are an executive or retail worker, scholar or medical professional. We can help with a broad spectrum of employment law and related legal issues including:

  • Labor
  • Discrimination
  • Disability
  • Wage and hour and overtime
  • Contracts
  • Employment rights
  • Education
  • Licensing
  • Noncompetes, sales commission and business law
  • Getting injured on the job

As attorneys focused on Michigan employment law issues, we help all workers assert their rights. When warranted we pursue compensation. We understand that an ongoing issue at your workplace can cause tension, anxiety and depression. It can affect your ability to perform, which may have a domino effect on everything you do. You do not have to endure unethical or illegal treatment, discrimination, bullying or harassment at work. We know the path to a better tomorrow.

Talk About Next Steps In A Confidential Free Consultation

We know that there may be many “balls in the air” when it comes to an employment law issue. You may be hesitant to reach out because you’re not even sure you have a case. That’s what our free consultation is all about. We want to give you the opportunity to sit down with us and tell us what happened in a safe and confidential atmosphere. Then we can tell you what your options are and let you know how we can help.

Call 844-HURWITZ or connect via website email. Located in Ann Arbor, we help employees throughout the Ann Arbor metro area. Navigating employment law is hard. We’ll show you the way.