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Business Law

We routinely counsel, negotiate, and litigate business law issues. Michigan has a unique state court structure that requires business litigation to occur in the Business Court in your County. We evaluate ways to keep the dispute out of court, negotiate with opposing counsel, make sound recommendations given all of the relevant circumstances, advise you about the costs of business litigation, explain the litigation process, and give you a plan for how to resolve the case. When you are selecting an attorney, perhaps the most critical aspect of the representation is providing the client with a plan. However, so many attorneys fly by the seat of their pants. They want your money, not a great result for you. At Hurwitz Law PLLC, we want the best result. To get to that best result, we need to know the following:

  • What are the relevant facts;
  • What result would make you happy;
  • What have you done so far to obtain that result;
  • What would be a creative compromise; and
  • What is our best leverage to achieve a good result.

We take this information and provide you with a plan. That plan will include an estimate of costs. Make no mistake, a good attorney can give you a plan at the beginning of the representation. If you are not given a plan, don’t waste money on the attorney.

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