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Unpaid Sales Commission

We love sales commission cases. Employees often find themselves struggling to understand vague and complicated compensation or commission plans that do not clearly explain what commission pay obligations are. Ambiguity in the contract can jeopardize your hard-earned pay. Indeed, we represent many employees who are denied commission pay based on loopholes in the policy or contract. When that happens, you need to consult with an attorney who has both drafted and litigated commission pay plans. Indeed, many attorneys draft commission plans but they do not know how to litigate the issue when there is a problem. At Hurwitz Law PLLC, we have experience drafting commission plans for employers and assisting employees with collecting rightfully owed commission payments. We break down the contract by the sentence to extract meaning from the agreement and make the best arguments for why you are owed money. When we are contacted about a commission pay issue, be prepared to do the following:

  • Provide us with a copy of the policy or contract;
  • Make an outline of all the sales you have procured;
  • Explain how you believe the compensation or commission plan should work; and
  • Collect all documentation and company emails that discuss whether you will be paid commission.

Do not wait until you are no longer working for a company to engage an attorney with specific employment law expertise and the ability to evaluate your sales commission issue.

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