Helping You Navigate Employment Law

When You Know Or Suspect Employment Discrimination

Clients often contact us with concerns about discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination often takes on an implicit form, where it is difficult to prove. However, the law allows us to investigate and prove discrimination through circumstantial evidence. It is through that process that we get to act like Sherlock Holmes and uncover the facts that are probative of discrimination. We work with our clients to uncover those facts and test whether your workplace issues could have been the result of unlawful discrimination.

What Is Discrimination?

When an employer “discriminates,” they treat you differently, and less favorably, than other employees. The treatment is not because of your quality of work or your performance on the job, but because of a personal characteristic or trait. These traits include:

  • Your race or ethnicity
  • Your religion
  • Your sex, marital status or the fact that you are pregnant
  • Your gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Your disability
  • The fact that you are over 40 years old
  • Other traits, including height and weight

Our team handles discrimination cases involving all of these protected characteristics. We are exceedingly proficient and well-known for our work in this area. Meaning, we can certainly help you understand and assert your rights as a worker.

Harassment and discrimination often go hand-in-hand. Constantly being the target of these can cause undue levels of tension, anxiety and even depression. This type of stress usually affects a person’s ability to perform on the job. No one should have to endure illegal treatment at work. You do have recourse. We can and will help. Find out what our clients have said about working with us.

Get The Protection You Need To Fight Discrimination

Are you being discriminated against? What can you do? We can help you understand your rights and recourse in a free and confidential consultation. Take this opportunity to sit down with us and tell us what happened. We’ll be straightforward as to how we can help. If you have a discrimination claim against your employer, we can take prompt action.

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