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Home Healthcare Employees Still Being Underpaid – Overtime Alert!

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Firm News

A new client of our firm is a home healthcare worker, a home health aide who provides companionship services to customers on behalf of her third party employer. For years, there were broad exemptions in place for home health workers that allowed them to work incredibly long hours without the same overtime guarantees enjoyed by hard working employees in other industries. In fact, until 2013 there was an exemption that applied to home health aides who were employed by third parties. However, in 2015 the Department of Labor issues a regulation that removed third-party employees from enforcing the overtime exemption for home health workers. The exemption still applies to home healthcare workers employed directly by the consumer or the family of the consumer, but the overtime exemption does not extend to third party employers. If you provide home healthcare services, let us evaluate whether you are being properly paid pursuant to the most recent laws and regulations. I am continually amazed that employers are not up to date on their legal obligations. Hurwitz Law PLLC takes great pride in discovering legal violations by employers and leveling the playing field for employees. As we say in the office, the client is never an interruption of our day, the client is the reason for our day. If you are being deprived wages, we can help!